Business Etiquettes apply to Employers as much as Applicants

Nowadays, job applicants encounter a lack of courtesy that is all too common. Businesses are swamped with applicants for every opportunity and many are showing some kind of disdain or a lack of respect for job seekers by failing to respond to their applications.

Most companies request resumes and other documentation be sent by e-mail. In some cases, they use the old-fashioned method of anonymous post office box. The vast amount of applications makes it seem difficult to respond personally to each one. However, the technology is there to reply to all.

Most electronic mail programs have in-built auto-response capability that sends an automatic reply notifying applicants that their information had been received and how and when they would be notified of an interview or the lack of one. If the application is handled through postal mail, a generic letter can be generated and mailed back with the same details. There is no excuse for leaving applicants in the dark.

That is not all, as a follow up to an interview; applicants are told they would be contacted within a certain time, which never happens. With the search narrowed, the number of calls or letters should be manageable. People who reach this level in the interview process deserve a follow-up. They need to know if the position had been filled or if the process was continuing.

What recruiters do not fully understand is that this is somewhat a kind of public relations for the organization. The person who applies for the job and is treated poorly by an organization has friends and acquaintances that they are likely to tell. Furthermore, that applicant may one day be an influential businessperson with a long memory when it comes to choosing business connections.

Job seekers are customers as well and should be treated like one.

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