Job Interview Mistakes – Pt. 1

Many people feel that the interview is the single most stressful part of the job search process. Any number of things can go wrong, and a big part of being successful is avoiding simple mistakes. The things you should avoid doing are as below:

  1. Failure to research the company: As a candidate, you are expected to have researched about the company. You must know what what the company does and who their competitors are. You reduce your chances if you do not do your homework about the company.
  2. Not clear on what you are interviewing for: Be familiar with the job description so you can draw on your experiences, talents, strengths and abilities to connect with company needs. Highlight how you’re suited to that particular job.
  3. Not marketing yourself correctly: The most important aspect of an interview session is how you market yourself. Tell the interviewers who you are, what makes you different from the others. Mention your strengths and accomplishments as they relate to the job you are applying for.
  4. Not asking meaningful questions: When you ask meaningful questions, it shows that you have prepared for the interview. Asking 3-4 intelligent questions is okay. You can list the questions down and ask at the appropriate time in the course of the interview.
  5. Under-dressing for the interview: Be presentable; put on pressed suit and shirts with polished shoes. Always pay attention to details. Your appearance, the way you speak and how you conduct yourself gives an impression either positively or negatively. Be professionally dressed.

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